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Reiki Initiations with Edward

Initiations into all levels of the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage.

What is a Reiki initiation?

A Reiki initiation is a magical attunement process performed by a master as part of a training. Through each initiation the recipient receives a very intense healing and their energy channels are opened to Universal Energy (Reiki). Each initiation is helping the receiver to become more aware, present and sensitive to energy. An initiation will stimulate the physical body and the subtle bodies, thus promoting health, relaxation, well-being and serving as a tool for personal growth. The attunement allows the receiver to become a Reiki recipient and can channel the energy for themselves and others. During the 21-day integration period, strong emotions can surface after an initiation, as old feelings, memories and experiences come to the surface.

Reiki Level 1

Illustrative image portraying the energy in a person after an Initiation. Illustrative of Level 1.

This is the entry level training.

The initiation to the first level mainly benefits the physical body, opening it to channel the ‘Universal Energy’ for the first time. At this level, the history of Reiki, its philosophy, how to perform a self-treatment, how to give Reiki to another person and various techniques to restore energetic balance are studied. Once started and past the 21 day integration period, a person will never lose the ability to use Reiki.





Reiki Level 2

Illustrative image portraying the energy in a person after an Initiation. Illustrative of Level 2.This is the level of professionalisation.

The initiation to the second level mainly benefits the subtle bodies, that is to say emotional, mental and astral.It is deeper on the energetic and vibrational level. You will learn the meaning and how to use 3 Reiki symbols: the power symbol, mental symbol and distance symbol. With the correct use of these symbols you will learn to:

  • Protect youself
  • Clean spaces, objects
  • Heal at a distance
  • Incorporate mental healing within a session
  • Cut energy ties
  • Eliminate energy blockages
  • Astral surgery

Reiki Level 3 and Reiki Master

Illustrative image portraying the energy in a person after an Initiation. Illustrative of Level 3 & Masters Level.This level acts on the fields of being.

This initiation is appropriate only for people who have the second level of Reiki and have been doing the practice for a minimum of 6 months. Although many people are drawn to go deeper with the third level, not all feel comfortable or ready to initiate others, hence the distinction between Level 3 and Reiki Master. In truth they are the same grade and there is no fourth initiation. Basically the master’s level is divided into two phases to preserve the integrity of Reiki and ensure that a complete training is given.

Reiki Level 3: You receive the attunement, various meditations corresponding to this level, chakra work, etc… but you will not receive the knowledge on how to initiate other people.

Reiki Master: Continuous training will be offered over a given period, where, among other things, you will be taught to how initiate other people into the different levels of Reiki.


  • Reiki Initiation Levels 1-2 of the Usui Shiki Ryoho offered all year round (2 days required)
  • Reiki Initiation Levels 3 of the Usui Shiki Ryoho offered all year round (1 day required)
  • Master’s Training only if you have done Level 2 or 3 with Edward.

If you’d like more information, to know prices, or to book an appointment, you can either contact via the contact form on this site or by Telegram.

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