Brahman. Beyond the trinities of Purusha and Prakriti.

Brahman. Beyond the trinities of Purusha and Prakriti.

Brahman is the ultimate reality.

BrahmanTo further discuss the essence of what we already are, and to explain it a little further through the eyes of the Vedas, I have produced a short video post on Instagram as a sort of continuation of the previous post. It is as follows: We are to be the manifestation and vibration of an energy that is beyond all mental constructs. This energy lies beyond the trinities of Purusha manifested by Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva – which represent creation, preservation, and destruction. It even goes beyond the cosmic dance of Prakriti, manifested by Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati, which represent Knowledge, prosperity and power,  respectively. Brahman is the ultimate reality beyond the universal male/female principles and polarities of the known and unknown universe. It could be suggested that Brahman’s essence is more closely related to Prakriti, although it is neither one nor the other. After all, The threefold aspect of Purusha came into existence through Brahman. The vibration of Brahman is our guide to our inner essence and how it gets manifested in our physical existence through the recognition of what we already are.


To better understand it all.

In order to free ourselves from any preconceived programmed notions we may have of concepts such as divinity, God and even love, I have found it useful to understand, however little, the Vedas and the story of Prakriti’s descent into the material world in order to better understand it all within a spiritual mental framework. Therefore, I have taken the time to briefly outline for you conceptual maps within the Vedic cosmological system. I think they may be useful. This threefold aspect also exists in Christianity and Judaism and is outlined in the Kabbalah. The Tree of Life represents the threefold nature of the path and the masculine and feminine polarities within it. According to these teachings, each of the three paths is valid as a means of self-realisation. The left, right and middle paths all converge in the end. It’s been suggested that having experienced one path polarised within a particular current all the way to the top, a spirit may choose to descend once more to experience the path within another chosen polarity. Perhaps even when a spirit has experienced the three paths, each polarised to its particular vibration, it will begin the ascent by playing from one extreme to the other. The spirit then experiences polarity in its full spectrum and ascends again on the middle path, but this time there is a difference. The spirit has chosen to incarnate all aspects of Purusha and Prakriti at the same time, in an attempt to incarnate the essence of Brahman, which we now know is beyond any concept, even the Trinity.


A return to Brahman, so to speak.

VishnuIt is obvious that Vishnu, who is the preserving aspect of Purusha, could also be equated with the Middle Path in Kabbalah. It is suggested that Christ, Buddha and of course Krishna, as well as many others, were incarnations of Vishnu on one level or another. Would it be too bold to suggest that even these archetypal forces need to transcend to another level? A return to Brahman, so to speak. I would suggest that a force that can bring true balance to opposing forces can do so because it has lived and transcended all the polarities of life and existence. It experiences everything and leaves nothing out perceptually or experientially. The Middle Way alone isn’t enough for ultimate revelation. There’s a fourth way, so to speak. A spirit essence that can embody creation, preservation and destruction at the same time is surely more closely related to Brahman than any other and is, in my opinion, the highest aspect of Vishnu. To bring Brahman into material existence in all dimensions, across space and time. What if our race has the capacity to do just that? To embody the essence of Brahman. Is this what is called Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness or Crystalline Consciousness? Or is it something even beyond that? It is understood that different aspects of Purusha (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) have incarnated on this earth before. It may be that there have been incarnations of Brahman, and that may not even be something new. However, the fact that an entire race has the potential to achieve this feat may be something uniquely new within the confines of known creation. This, in my humble opinion, is our ultimate purpose as a species and perhaps it can be extrapolated to all sentient beings.

True peace and harmony.

Perhaps we can understand why we have been given this stage to play on and the scripts we have been given, if we step back from our usual conceptual framework of life and God and look at existence as a game of manifestations of gods and goddesses in different aspects of polarity. There is so much polarisation and chaos going on all around stimulating us. Somewhere in our minds and hearts many of us aspire to a world where we can all live in true peace and harmony. Yet for many this remains a beautiful concept within the confines of the conscious mind and is not grounded in the physical system fully or in the subconscious mind. Our society has taught us to rationalise our existence, leaving out that we posses another intelligence asides of the conscious mind. Our physical heart and our etheric heart are the gateways to listening to the body’s intelligence, each on different levels, and of course it is directly related to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is constantly communicating with the outside world of its own accord and volition. Even if you try to control it, suppress it or hide it, it will always try to get the message out. That is, even if it has the potential to kill you in the process.


 The perfect catalyst for this.

This internal war of ours is a war we cannot win. This is why I touched briefly on surrender in the previous post. Surrender is inevitable, if you are sincere, it heralds the death of the ego. We cannot be fully functioning independent sentient beings if we omit or hate any part of ourselves, however subtle that vibration may be. We all know there are no winners in war. Especially if we want real peace in our hearts and minds. We can only achieve this by opening our hearts and minds completely, without judgement, to all that life has to offer us at any given moment. The current world stage is marked by extreme polarisation, within the whole spectrum, the good, the bad and the ugly, on full display. The powers that be play their part in this dynamic, by giving us what we need in order to grow. This is indicative of the nature of our collective path which inherently manifests all aspects of life; creation, preservation and destruction. This, in my opinion, is the reason for what is happening on the world stage at this time. This particular matrix full of idiosyncrasies that we live in is the perfect catalyst for this. It reflects back to us what we need and it is up to us what we do with what is presented to us on an individual level. We have been given spiritual gifts that represent the duality of creation itself, the intelligence of our sentient heart and that of our creative mind. A mind with a capacity so great that it is still largely unknown to us, yet it is said to be able to create entire universes. A body capable of experiencing so much pain and joy at the same time. A body able to contain a reflection of creation itself and what lies beyond, along with all the keys to understanding and embodying that truth. To understand our current state as a species and our full potential, we must open ourselves to life, experience it in all the spectrums of vibration that presents itself, and find our inherent truth and authenticity amidst the experiential storm of polarity. Beyond heart and mind without omission, rooted deeply in the body, born from a blossoming inner seed. How else could we bring the unknown into the known? Brahman.


What I am,

is what you are,

is what we all are.

Humanity is sacred.

Hare Om Tat Sat.

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