It’s time for us to decide

It’s time for us to decide

The current situation in the world needs it.

For many years I’ve wanted to communicate directly with the world through a medium other than music. Since the year 2000, I’ve been on a seemingly endless quest, searching for a truth that was revealed to me then. The simple yet profound message I was given took me over fifteen years to understand, another seven years to integrate, and I’m still walking the path. Why have I decided to speak more openly about it now? It’s very simple really. The current situation in the world needs it. I feel the cosmos asking the initiated to begin to share its ordeals, its hardships and all the experiences which bring them have more resonance with themselves and to life. Humanity has reached a cross roads at this time.


A little about myself.

I suppose that I should start by sharing a little about myself. Like most people in the world, music has had an enormous influence and impact on my life. I suspect that most of us have a soundtrack that could easily be said to define most of the most important moments in our lives and I am no different. I loved dancing when I was young. For every guest who ever came to our house, I couldn’t wait to put on a fancy dress and perform some sort of rehearsed choreography. I then moved onto playing and singing in school bands, to deejaying in bars and clubs, to working on the inside of the music business, to creating, producing and releasing my own tracks, my love of music has gone through many stages. When I started writing music on my own in 2007, I think the intention was to share my life experiences through my lyrics through a medium that I knew and loved. That initial intention got lost along the way, only to be found later, but that’s a story for another time. Suffice it to say that music still plays a very important role in my life to this day.

The Universe is inside of you

image of divine celestial human

I don’t know if the path to awakening is the same for all of us. I can only tell you what I have experienced myself, in flesh and blood as they say. However, as far as I can tell, many people on the path to awakening all come to the same conclusions and realisations in the end. Each of them is based on their own unique experience of life. What is it they say? All roads lead to Rome?

One day a voice woke me out of slumber. I opened my eyes and looked down at my hands and arms in amazement as I literally saw energy swirling around me. The energy I saw physically was violet fire with pink and gold streaks. This wondrous fiery sight engulfing me, with the added presence of its uniquely penetrating scent of musky flowers, engaged me on all levels. By saying “I am”, it communicated its initial message to me. What was revealed, for the sake of brevity, was something like this: “I am the universe. “I am one and in all. “As above, so below. “The universe is within you. The most important part of the message in this encounter was this last part of the communication. The Universe is within you. I suppose you can imagine that I felt wondrous, excited and slightly frightened all at the same time. Then in the room, on the ceiling above me, I noticed another kind of energy in motion. I felt like I was in space or among the stars when I looked at it. As my attention to the energetic manifestation increased, this initial sense of amazement at the contact came to an end. I felt myself being lifted out of my bed. My awe suddenly turned to fear. I turned my head away from the ceiling and said no aloud. Instead I concentrated on the energy that was enveloping me. I felt the Presence above me as I felt its pull on me once more, and decided to continue to ignore it until I finally fell asleep. This was the beginning of the unfolding of my story.

The official narrative has been so intensely bombarded at us.

So why have I decided to share my experiences now? As I said, the world needs it. Even before the Scamdemic came into being two and a half years ago, most of us were already unhappy with the worldly society. My guess is that most people were already in search of their own coherence, happiness and truth before all this drama started to unfold. Through fear and manipulation, we’ve seen people forced to do the unthinkable, to forget all their supposed morals and values. The official narrative has been so intensely bombarded at us that the powers that be in society have even managed to get the sleeping sheeple to police and preach the official propaganda of the secular state to the rest of us. We’ve come to a turning point in history, and it is at this time that our race, the human race,  needs to grows up.



There is a self hatred thing going on.

When you ask me how and why all this manipulation has been possible, I’ve come to realise that most people don’t really believe in anything. They say they do, that they believe in blah, blah, blah, but in reality they don’t. Not fully at least. The concept of love, man, woman, divinity and humanity has been severely twisted in the collective human psyche. This has been done deliberately and has done a lot of damage. Love has become something cheap that can be used to manipulate; “If you were in love with me, you wouldn’t do this or that”, for example. As for being human, most people can’t see the human race as anything more than the viral human façade we’ve been given. They also see part of the divinity as being a crazy patriarch. On the other hand, lately someone’s masculinity or femininity seems to be measured by successful projections and social media followings. There are men who don’t feel like men, just as there are women who don’t feel like women. In conseuqnce of all this, most people don’t feel human or identify with what we’re told humanity is. This is not surprising when you consider that there is a programmed self-hatred in our species, and the standards set by modern idols don’t help. The more mundane aspects of human life, such as family, community and the inherent values that go with them, are being damaged and destroyed by the same design.

We have an identity crisis as a species.


So it seems we have an identity crisis as a species. We can stay with this three-dimensional, incoherent model of humanity that we’ve been handed, or we can go deep within ourselves, break the old models, decide who and what we are on an individual level, as well as a species. In doing so, we can rediscover and redefine our purpose for what humanity has come to be. It’s time for us to decide.





Hare Om Tat

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