Finding our own coherence and happiness

Finding our own coherence and happiness

What is conspiracy or what is authentic?

From the moment of birth, possibly even conception, we’ve been spoon-fed a reality that is meant to keep us from reaching our fullest potential. We take many things for granted and accept what we have been given without ever really questioning its validity or intention. This “malware” has been weaved into the very fabric of this shared three-dimensional matrix in which we live, distorting our awareness, our sensory experience, as well as our interpretations of what is. What is right, or what is wrong? What is good, or what is bad? Is the earth round, or is the earth flat? What is conspiracy or what is authentic? Permit me to go one step further, and say that even the inherent values, or conceptualisations that we give to the units themselves regarding these matters, have been handed to us in this fashion as well. This could be applied to a variety of topics, ranging from the meaning of words and their symbology, to how we relate to one another and value the interactions (transactions) that occur between us.

In essence, we are all the same.

We could say that Human Beings come in all shapes and colours, but nonetheless, on our inside and in essence, we are all the same. We have all seen the glow in the eyes of newly born Humans. We have all seen the unconditional love they give, as well as their brutal honesty. Beautiful souls! However, in the modern age, there’s only a “square mould” acting as a gate into ‘societal acceptance and success’. Never mind the circles, the triangles, the rectangles, or the stars for that matter. Never mind that the light in the infants’ eyes begins to dim as they settle into the societal distress. Never mind they also started to live a lie, just like you did. Never mind, the glow begins to fade. In the name of love, in order to ‘protect’, we are forced imprinted upon, twisted and distorted so that we may fit into the ‘square mould and, unknowingly, we tend to pass it on to the next generations. If you are square, all is good. You will likely have success. If you are any other shape other than square, then you’re screwed. It is likely that you will be struggling in life and in illness, until you undo what has been done. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are strong and powerful species and we adapt. A repeated transgression of this kind, an allowed distortion in the succession of a lineage of this order,  over many generations, means that this kind of malware gets weaved into our DNA too. Like I said in a previous post, the ‘DNA thing’ goes both ways. In fact, I might add, that we are constantly writing and rewriting our DNA twenty-four hours a day.

The case for a round earth doesn’t seem to be so solid.

As far as ‘truths’ go, I’ll say the following: To be honest, I don’t care what shape the earth is at this point in my life. It could be round. It could be flat. It could even be triangular, for all I care. However, having said all this, I have seen some pretty interesting presentations making a good case for the flat earth theory. Besides what we have always been shown through television, different kinds of media and literature, the case for a round earth doesn’t seem to be so solid. Ask any child you know if the earth is round or flat, and more than likely he will say it is round. This is what most of us are told in our homes and within our educational system, so why would we even doubt that? In the end, if we were honest enough with each other, we could likely agree that none of us really know the truth. After all, most of us haven’t been on a spaceship to see for ourselves. As the saying goes, a lie told often enough becomes the truth. It’s a bold and unfortunate statement made by Vladimir Lenin, that highlights a sad reality in our modern world. As soon as Scottie beams me up, I will let you all know what the truth is.

You can always rely on your inner compass.

In my experience, the Truth has been distilled within lies and misinterpretation, so that reaching a coherent understanding of Life, for ourselves, is much more difficult to ascertain. Over the years, the meaning of words and their symbology have been adulterated, so that later generations could not connect with the essence of what was being transmitted before. The examples are endless and cross-board in many aspects of different societies all across the world. For the purpose of this post in particular, I’ll just keep it simple and just give one extreme example. I’ve heard that in China, over the years, they have completely changed the meaning of certain symbols, time and again, so that ancient texts and manuscripts could never really be understood by contemporary ley men. The truth would remain secret and accessible only to a select few. Fortunately, if you are curious and have a passion for finding a greater coherence for yourself, in life, you can always rely on your inner compass to sort out the information that resonates with you from that which doesn’t.

 Is anger good? Or is anger bad?

I also wanted to touch upon good and bad, as an example. Is anger good? Or is anger bad? What do you think? Firstly, I think that we can agree that the construct is clearly saying that for the average man, anger is a bad thing. Never mind the constant violence on the television and in the media in general. Never mind the wars based on economic interests and deceit. Never mind a ruling class that uses fear, violence, lies, and coercion to “unrule” you into submission. Never mind the hypocrisy. As far as you are concerned, anger is just simply bad. Let me say first of all, that for me, anger is neither good nor bad; it simply just is. If someone hits me intentionally or otherwise, I’m perfectly within my rights to get angry. If someone were to abuse someone I love, I would be perfectly OK with being angry. If I am witnessing injustice in the world, I am entitled to be angry. The difference lies in what you do with that anger. What do you do with that fuel? When this energy is suppressed, it accumulates in and around our heart centre forming an “armour” preventing anything, even yourself or Love, from getting in or out.

Know yourself, all aspect of yourself, even the darkness.

This ‘disillusional’ matrix is hoping that you’ll repress your anger, that you’ll be too out of touch with it for long enough, that you wont even recognise it. It is hoping that the anger will remain repressed deep within you, until it explodes, giving way to disease and uncontrollable madness. This way they have an excuse to control you by which ever means necessary and pay you in kind. It is hoping that you will not have the chance to tune into your anger, to understand it, to hear its powerful message and own it.  The anger then passes from being that which controls and enslaves you, to being that which fuels you towards your own truth with direction. To know yourself, all aspect of yourself, even the darkness, without the need to hurt others, is empowering and liberating. The world is in need of open, strong and empowered hearts to help heal the wounds of other “Beings” and that of the Human Collective Soul. From my experience, I’d say that it is possible to stay open and in heartfelt awareness, whilst listening to the lullaby of ‘anger and pain expressed by another Human Soul. If there is no judgement or devious intention from all parties involved, magical healing processes occur.

 Money is neither good nor bad.

Lastly, I also wanted to touch upon money. We have all heard that money is neither good nor bad, it is just energy. For the most part, I could agree, but unfortunately, this archetypal concept has been twisted and re-twisted in our psyche to the point that it is more important than Life itself. Besides the demoniacal influences that are apparent within the structures of all societies relating to money, it has lured many into darkness, forsaking themselves and their fellow Humans. I understand that it is the current credit system-energy exchange system, but it would be good for us all if we remained aware of all aspects of this construct’s energy in the new paradigms that we are co-creating, so that it may purge, heal and evolve. We can devise new ways to measure our relationships and interactions, striking a healthy balance between “material” reciprocity and other more heartfelt-oriented matters or ways of being reciprocal.

what do we do then?

Living in the times that we are, it doesn’t seem crazy to let go of all the limiting beliefs and inhumane constructs that are holding us back. They are not ours anyway. We all appear to be supporting a system that, in reality, most people do not agree with. All involved are afraid to be amongst the first to let go into the abyss of the unknown. Firstly as individuals and then as a species, the search for our own true definition of being in coherence with ourselves and with Life, is imperative, I’ve said this before. Here lie all the concepts that we’ve focused upon in this post; what is good and what is bad. What is conspiracy or what is authentic. How we measure our interactions in relation to others on different levels and so forth. What do we do then?

We need our own vision of life. We need a healthy balance between material and spiritual, not one tainted by the current constructs of a decaying society, or limited by the bells of apparent doom, gloom, or shortage even. The current human construct is at present being demolished by design and force. Perhaps it is a situation that we can take advantage of ourselves. It has never been so easy to see all the lies and deceptions being thrown at us. It has never been so easy to throw your own ego into the fires of your inner heart and permit yourself to be your true Self. Dare to enter the inner sanctum, shine a light on your own darkness, and start owning it. Discover your own definition of what true happiness really is and be that. Investigate what it means to be yourself on all levels and polarities. Discover what it means to be a Real Human Being.

Hare Om Tat Sat


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