The myth that keeps men and women apart

The myth that keeps men and women apart

A false identity and a set of limiting beliefs.

One thing apparent among our species in these turbulent times is the lack of unity, even in the presence of a common threat or enemy. We’ve been unable to respond appropriately to our civilization’s most coercive, cruel act of forced submission given to us to date. Our species appears to have accepted, incorporated, and upheld a false identity and a set of limiting beliefs that are not inherent in us and lead to suffering, disease and the current status in which we find ourselves.  In my humble opinion, this is one of the many factors influencing us, holding us back as a species, and one of the hurdles that we currently face. The well-known “Divide and Conquer” formula has been applied and reapplied to us thousands upon thousands of times, distorting our self-reflection and that of our shared existence. I could talk about some of the modern ideologies that are affecting us, such as atheism, racism, environmentalism, etc., but in this post I’d like to focus on the topic of men and women. Notice I didn’t say feminism or sexism. The reason for this, as it was recently pointed out to me in a recent gathering, is to focus on the similarities rather than the differences between us. We are more alike than different. It is about time that we started to recognize this and debunk the myth that keeps men and women apart.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

How many times have we heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus? I’m sure most of us have heard the title of this book at some point in our lives, even if we haven’t read it. I’d dare say that it has become an accepted slogan within our collective mental framework. So without going into deep classical mythology, we can just summarize it as men are made of war and women are made of love? This concept goes very well with the mainstream narrative of a disturbed hetero-patriarch that is hellbent on the complete submission of womankind and the destruction of our land. This archetype has been and continues to be imposed on men in the modern era. I grew up in a matriarchal system; my grandmother was one of five sisters, all strong matriarchs themselves. Having had no contact with my father’s lineage until much later in life, I grew up believing that men were violent and had other undesirable qualities, which I did not like. As you can imagine, as a man, that created dissonance within me, as I didn’t relate to that particular archetype nor to the others available to me. With time I have come to a better understanding of myself in relation to this and I’m grateful to the Universe for helping me heal that. There certainly is trauma in our society, and it seems that some men, as well as some women, are perpetrating abuse, and this has become somewhat systemic. To make matters worse, the mainstream propaganda and the very institutions built to facilitate change in these areas focus on these very issues in a way that only serves a narrative of separation and hatred among our kind, ultimately making matters worse.


We are more of a traumatised species rather than violent by nature.

Contrary to popular belief, child abuse comes from all directions and is not solely the domain of men. Permit me to say that we are a mistreated species and that we have already normalized a certain level of abuse in our societies. It is neither the first nor the last time I will mention this. We’ve already discussed in a previous post the horrors of the medical industry’s birthing protocols and how dramatic and harmful they can be to a newly born human life, and that’s without even mentioning the toxic substances they want to inject them with. Most of the world’s societies are against female genital mutilation but have strangely normalized male circumcision. I had never really thought about it myself, as I am not circumcised, but it was recently pointed out to me that male circumcision is the first act of sexual trauma that many men endure. It is now known that when a male baby is circumcised, he faints from the pain; he does not fall asleep as previously thought. Additionally, as if that weren’t enough, all of the nerve endings found in the severed foreskin restrict the opportunity for future sensations to say the least. So these are merely ways of pointing towards the kind of systemic abuse that we have been dealing with as a species. I am sure that we are all aware that there is much more and that, in general, it is not being addressed. Studies indicate that victims of repeated abuse eventually become perpetrators of abuse with the passing of time if they don’t heal those wounds themselves. Our essence being  Love, I’m of the opinion that we are more of a traumatised species rather than violent by nature.


What does Biology say in regards to Men & Women?

What does biology say in regards to men and women? Contrary to what they might have you think, it appears to be widely accepted scientifically that we are genetically 98 percent similar. That is an abysmally high rate of similarities. To me, it sounds more like same same than different. Both men and women have different kinds of cycles within their biological systems—hormonal, etc, though not so apparent in men. The apparent differences manifest outwardly in our material world as the male and female sexes. I am aware that one percent of the population is born intersex, but this is unrelated to the topic of this post. If you’d like to dive deeper into the differences between the male and female genitalia, you’d find that in reality, structurally, there are more similarities than differences there too. Don’t take my word for it; the research is out there; you just have to find it for yourself. As far as the differences go, I believe most of us have realised that our sexual organs are more complementary than opposing forces. Not only can they be used to procreate, but they can also be used to give each other pleasure, manifest our love, and even heal and grow spiritually. 


most people don’t seem to care to shed much light on the subconscious realm.


Both the feminine and masculine principles exist in all things and manifest in some way or another. In relation to our species, that would be to say, men have an inner feminine quality, whereas women have an inner masculine quality. This has been exemplified in the traditional symbol that has been recognized throughout our modern history, the Ying Yang. There are two seemingly different energetic poles, and within each of those lies a sphere of the opposing force. Within the Human Mind Framework, the male and female principles also represent the conscious and subconscious minds, respectively. The norm in society is to be familiar and relate to life through our conscious mind and thoughts. This is less so for the females of our species who are more in tune with their own bodies thanks to biological design. Unless you’re into it either via personal inquiry or professional vocation, most people don’t seem to care to shed much light on the subconscious realm or delve deeper into their own bodies. The subconscious mind is directly connected to the body and all of the internal processes it regulates. Most of our understanding of these concepts traditionally comes from Asia, though not exclusively, through Yoga, Tantra, Daoism, Tibetan Buddhism, Gnosticism, and Shamanism since this knowledge was largely repressed in Western societies. A theme in which all these traditions coincide is the reconciliation of these two universal forces of nature. Why would they ever want to reconcile? Well, put simply, it leads to the creation of a more wholesome and balanced human being.


The undiscovered territory

The essence of what is required in the development of a balanced Human Being is authentic relating on all levels between men and women based on respect, trust and Love. Without these qualities, without Love, we risk losing everything: our humanity and our place in this land. What if I said that love was a state of being? That it is our true nature? It is our heritage, what makes us Human Beings and it is attested to in this world by the recognition of our essence from an understanding of our own suffering, pain and sorrow, combined with an unwavering faith in something greater than ourselves. Through grace, this realisation leads to an authentic transcendence of everything we are not to that which we truly are. In essence, we are all one; we are all interconnected through our very essence, and even though this connection seems lost, it is merely waiting to be recognised once more within each and every one of us. It is what makes us sentient beings; this connection is of a telepathic nature, making us responsible for our most guarded thoughts and emotions in relation to everything and anything. The reconciliation of these two opposing forces take us towards what some call illumination, or the Superconscious mind, our connection to what is divine within our bodies and beyond the universe, it is reached by the transcendence of the duality caused by these two Universal Forces embodied by men and women upon this plane of existence. A blissful and peaceful state, a state of interconnectedness with existence, that is beyond concepts and words, with Love being the closest concept humanity has. This is the undiscovered territory for our current Humanity and our birthright.


We are all One.

Hare Om Tat Sat

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