Happy Third Anniversary

Happy Third Anniversary

The likelihood that we may face further ordeals by design.

ordeals by design. Alternative Movie Poster for the Hunger GamesAs the days, weeks, months, and years pass by, we are quickly coming towards the third anniversary of the beginning of our trials and tribulations, catalyzed by the arrival of c@vid. Can you believe it? Three years! Seems like a lifetime, and it seems like the blink of an eye at the same time. It has been almost three years since the whole blessed scamdemic came to fruition into the mainstream’s perception. Some of us may realise that there is a possibility that this plan has been in the works since the onset of the history of our modern society. Humanity was simply playing catch-up. Technology and certain toxic seeds within our collective mindset were required for all of this elaborate plan to work. Unless you are completely oblivious to everything, these last three years have forcefully pushed through our boundaries and limits like no other time has before that we know of. You may ask, “Why did you say blessed scamdemic?” Even though we have all suffered greatly to some extent or another throughout this time, all these events define who we are through every thought, emotion, action, and reaction that we emit under these circumstances. These events are forcing us to grow up in many ways, whether we want to or not. With the likelihood that we may face further ordeals by design, I wanted to share personal insights which I feel would be relevant to how we might respond to all this in the coming rounds.

Humanity is literally a virus.

Humanity is literally a virus. Image of a sickness ridden planetMost of us are likely to see the extremes fuelled by modern ideologies on the majority of the issues that currently affect our society. Whether it be issues based around religion, human relations in general, the environment, economics, racism, or classism, we all surely have sympathy for different causes and likely do not relate to their extremes at the same time.The extremes within a religious context can be seen in the form of fanaticism or atheism. The extreme on the issues concerning human relations either has us clinging to pre-existing toxic constellations or exploring extreme hedonistic alternatives. The polarities around the issue of sexism are portrayed by hatred for people of the opposite sex, and so forth.Some modern ideologies would have us think that our species is racist by nature. Other ideologies would have us think that humanity is literally a virus and Mother Earth would be better off without us. Another such movement would have us think that all men are violent sexual predators by nature. Some would have us think that we need to live like cavemen in order to be happy and lead a sustainable life. Unfortunately, most ideological movements position themselves as superior or inferior to other sectors of society. The same people who have successfully decriminalised zoophilia in Spain and stand for sexual equality, will also be trying to normalise pedophilia with the passing of time too. This same movement has also managed to normalise to a great extent within our collective mind framework the amputation and dismemberment of parts of our bodies. The societal design would have us believe that sadistic, war-mongering pedophiles are philanthropists, as well as geniuses, clairvoyants, even, that they have the right to guide and govern us as they see fit.

There was a feminist that resided within me.

There was a feminist that resided within me. Image of Fridda Kahlo against green backdrop with pin flowers. Our species has the capacity for a great deal of empathy.  Even if we do not identify with the extremism of a cause, we may sympathise with most of its plight. All in all, our species is designed to care after all. What is not so easy to perceive is how the extremes of the plights play out within the streams of our individual subconscious minds and how this affects us in turn. If we play close attention to what’s going on within us, at any given time, we may begin to discover further clues in respect of this. At some point in my life, for example, there was a feminist that resided within me who did not like men. I also believed that humanity (the virus) was a war-mongering species and was destroying the environment. I have also felt the pull of the polarities and confusions between the traditional constellation and its hedonistic counterpart. I’ve also passed judgment on people who were not like me. At some point or another, I also thought I was more important or inferior than someone else. On the whole, I just felt alien or out of place most of the time. All these were factors, beliefs and influences that I have had to overcome in my life to reach a better understanding and acceptance of myself.

These events are defining who we are.

These events are defining who we are. Image of young man drawing his legs into existenceMost people try to solve their problems on a conscious level when confronted with particular issues or situations, to the best of their abilities. Societal design would have you back at work as soon as possible, leaving many with the scars and residues caused by traumatic events. This further adds layers to the already existing armour that stops us from feeling ourselves or from perceiving the world without a distorted prism. The modern societal mindset would have us quickly solve all our problems through prescription drugs and therapy designed to help sustain the matrix identity itself, which is the one causing the problems. It’s unfortunate to say, but it barely scratches the surface of the matter on most occasions, if at all. There are feminist, environmentalist, atheist, extremist, classist, hedonist, victim, and even racist archetypes within the collective human subconscious mind framework, and there are extremes of their polarities that need to be dealt with within each and every one of us. Far from being part of our true nature, I would say that these already-mentioned ideologies are more like software viruses designed to keep us trapped behind the bars of a false and demented conceptual identity. Like I said at the beginning of this post, all these events are defining who we are through every thought, emotion, action, and reaction that we emit under these circumstances. That has certainly been my experience.

You are a human being. Isn’t that so?

You are a human being. Isn't that so? image of man of evolving from ape to a barcode.I would like to invite the reader to consider these archetypal forces and ideologies mentioned. Consider which or how many of these viruses may lie hidden in the depths of your mind, sabotaging your self-image. Likely you will find examples that I haven’t even mentioned. Why is this important, you may ask? In essence, and as I have been briefly pointing out, all of these ideologies have, in the end, embedded beliefs within them that have negative impacts on our self-perception as a species. If you think humanity is a virus, if you believe that men are violent rapists, if you believe that you are better than another person, if you think that our species is racist by nature, if there is something about humanity that you don’t love, then you better look in the mirror. After all, you are a human being. Isn’t that so? If you don’t truly love your own reflection, whether it comes through an actual mirror or through the dance life itself, I would say that there is some darkness there for you to own within yourself. If there is an inkling within you of these doctrines or ideologies that strikes a chord, I would say the same again. If I say that I am a divine being, then I also have to acknowledge the divinity in all others. Right? If we truly want to be free, there is no room for hypocrisy anymore. If you believe all these negative things about yourself, who is going to stand up for you in the incoming rounds of new world abuse? Contemplate deep within yourself if there is a part of you that thinks that humanity is getting their due diligence in all this. I am of the opinion that the majority has allowed all this to happen because somewhere deep inside themselves they believe that we deserve the punishment that we are receiving.

An elaborate and intricate game of cosmic awakenings.

An elaborate and intricate game of cosmic awakenings. Image of person sleeping where you can see image of spirit travelling to other dimensions.The matrix software for global environmental devastation, economic collapse, famine, the Marburg virus, additional lockdowns, world war, alien invasion, or alien salvation have all come into play. From a particular societal viewpoint, you cannot help but be in horror at the extent of the manipulation, and from a more divine viewpoint, it could be perceived as an elaborate and intricate game of cosmic awakenings. Which of the aforementioned matrix scenarios would you most like to experience? Which would your favourite ordeal by design scenario be? Perhaps an alien salvation? Personally, at this moment in time, I would not vote for any of those scenarios—not one of them. I’m more in line with the cosmic awakening instead. As a species we are suffering almost exclusively from not being our true selves and denying the full manifestation of our nature.

I would rather live the story of human biological devolution. A magical story where enough human souls finally realise their true nature, which in turn affects the collective psyche of the human soul. I prefer a scenario where our suffering ends not because we have been transformed into trans-zombies and plugged through the butt into the great AI in the sky, but because we have finally realised who we truly are and our place in the universe because of it. Who we are as a species and as individuals is perhaps the most crucial question that we all currently facing today. If enough members of our species can ascertain who we truly are beyond the identities given to us by the corporate matrix, then maybe this dark chapter of our history will quickly transform into a new one. Just like that. We save ourselves. We decide where we go from here. It is our future in the making. It is our decision and our decision alone. Let us write together our own beautiful story of transformation and self discovery rather than one of our own submission. I have faith in us all to achieve this. I have faith in you. Then the aliens can come after that, if they like.

Happy Third Anniversary.

Hare Om Tat Sat

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