The dark night of humanity’s soul

The dark night of humanity’s soul

Incoherent systemic anti-human impositions.

If you are currently reading my blog posts, then you are aware, at least to some degree, of the incoherent systemic anti-human impositions that we are currently enduring. You could call it the dark night of Humanity’s soul. I know, it isn’t the first time that I’ve used these types of words in my posts, but hear me out. In light of recent times, an ever increasing number of people are becoming aware of just how rotten the pillars of a healthy society truly are. I don’t necessarily agree with this given seven pillar model, but we can assume that this is an accepted model within the subconscious of western societies in general. Maybe for you, it is no surprise to perceive the level of deception or the multi-dimensional war that we are currently living through. However, for the average person, who is only just beginning to open their eyes, this can be a devastating feat as the truth of what we are living is stranger than science fiction. It is almost like a terrible and cruel episode of Black Mirror multiplied by a million. Most people are living in fearful cognitive dissonance. I’ve also talked about the fact that we are already a traumatised species in previous posts. I know those words and concepts might sound extreme to some, but look around, how is the human family doing? How much more dissonance and abuse do you think that our family can assimilate? Let’s ask ourselves: How much are we currently all being manipulated? even for the “awakened” ones. How extensive is the matrix programming relating to these pillars?  Let’s explore all this quickly without getting too technical about it.

The Seven Pillars of Society.

  • Government: With regards to government, most people are not surprised by now; that the political class in most, if not all, countries around the world has sold out on humanity. Politics  and the rule of law is completely rotten at the core. At this point in time whoever is hoping politics or the law will save the day is genuinely an innocent soul, to put it lightly. All political roads lead to the dubious 2030 Agenda.
  • Business: More and more its becoming increasingly difficult for ordinary people to have a business or to make a “decent living”. An endlessly dubious taxation system works in favour of globalist corporations and in turn are throttling the peoples’ ability to trade for their everyday needs. If a large percentage of the world population can’t make ends meet at the end of the month, something has failed there. 
  • Media: With regards to media and journalism. More of the same, really, the mainstream narrative, is nothing more than propaganda suiting the needs of the new world order. The image that traditional journalism used to evoke in our conceptual minds is currently dead today. Perhaps it never really existed. Main stream media has become synonymous to global state corporate propaganda to the conscious community.
  • Education: I’d wager that a sizeable portion of the global population is aware that the education system has evolved into an indoctrination facility to produce subservient, hyper-sexualised couch zombies for the puppet masters of the world corporation. I’ll leave it at that.
  • Religion: At some point or another, most of the world’s religions have been tainted by hypocrisy, deception, and/or coercive manipulation. We could also mention the unfortunate open suppression of women and covert abuse of children too. Some religious figures have even promoted the toxic death jab and other globalist agendas in recent times. It all seems a bit shady rather than heavenly to me, wouldn’t you agree? 
  • Arts & Science: 

Art: At least we can always rely on the arts to reflect the unspoken, right? Well, in a sense, yes, but most likely nothing that is too commercial or mainstream either. The arts in general have been compromised, among other things, by the constant need to keep on producing in order to market and sell. True art and selling, have nothing to do with each other at all.

Science: When I used to think or conceptualise on matters of science, the words understanding and innovation would have come to mind amongst others. Instead the words indoctrination and dogma are in their place instead. Need I say more?

  • Family: The family system has come under ever increasing attack through polices and ideologies that make having a lovingly sustainable environment at home an impossible feat. The individual members of a family unit are all under attack by all the other six pillars of our current society. The elders, the mothers, the fathers as well as the children are all at risk. A stable loving family environment is perhaps one of the most important, if not the most important factor in healthy human development.

Within the crooked structures of our society are actually decent human beings

The seven pillars of a healthy society are indeed in distress. You don’t have to be a genius to be able to see it. I know I’m generalising a little in my analysis, but only a little.  Within the crooked structures of our society are actually decent human beings. There are always stories of scientists and their ingenious inventions, hoping to help humankind, and you hear that they are always silenced or worse. I’d like to think that there must be some good doctors and nurses tending to the sick properly, even though they have been handed inhumane protocols to follow. Throughout our land, there are also well-meaning clergy of all faiths who really do believe in a divine being and act accordingly. I pray, even, that some rational, well-balanced teachers are protecting our children from the educational system’s crazy onslaught. Maybe, though it is not likely, there are even some decent politicians out there who have a genuine interest in the greater good. Let’s face it, though, the current system is tainted by the corruption that our worldly administrators represent, whatever or whoever that may be, and that has enslaved humanity, imprinting upon us their inhumane mindset. Their taint runs through all aspects of our society and has infected all the aforementioned pillars, including our family. It seems that the light of the good, well-meaning people in the world is being dimmed by the societal darkness. Since this current age has been signalled by many as a time of spiritual evolution, what does all this leave us with? How come we are all in this big mess? Maybe if we look to “spirituality”, we can find the solution to our existential problems.


Western-minded seekers have discovered alternative paths.

So what is spirituality? What is spirituality about? Out of the eight definitions that “The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition,” gives, I most resonate with the first one, the second one, and parts of the fifth one, the last of which I won’t mention: “The state, quality, or fact of being spiritual,” and “A religious belief or manner of pursuing a religious life.” The undeniable influence that the established major religions of the world have on our collective psyche, conscious and unconscious, is more than apparent, as we have been spoon-fed it from the onset of birth, depending on our place of origin. First of all, it should be noted that there is a difference between religion and being religious. Being religious is more akin to our modern understanding of being spiritual. The reason why religions have been able to control the masses the way they have for so long is that the truth has always been mixed in with lies, ultimately creating spiritual dependence on external interpreters, that’s without mentioning all the guilt and shame attached. Fortunately, to address this issue and the incoherence of our religious systems, western-minded seekers have discovered alternative paths by exploring Eastern religions and traditions, with a mix of indigenous shamanic influences appearing more recently into the mix. Even though most people may not grasp the full implications that disciplines such as Yoga, Tantra, Reiki, Shamanism, and so forth have on the human mind-body-soul complex, they have become common words within the mainstream collective consciousness.

The spiritual community succumbed to the fear.

 It is unfortunate to say in this respect, in light of recent events, the spiritual community appears to have been compromised somewhat also. I could enumerate the number of teachings that have been taken for granted during the scamdemic  but I’ll try and keep it simple. For starters the community is not immune to the financial obligations of the corporate system. It isn’t immune to coercion either, as demonstrated via the adoption of divisive ideologies that have nothing to do with spirituality. For the most part, the spiritual community has remained silent and therefore has conceded throughout this troublesome time.  It bothered me to see people teaching and practicing yoga while wearing facial masks, as this goes against everything that yoga stands for. I was disappointed when people in the spiritual community succumbed to the fear and some even glorified the moment they got the toxic jab on social media. I was further disappointed when I witnessed that we failed to protect our children. We didn’t protect the elders either. I was hoping there would have been a greater stance from the spiritual community at large. I was expecting more coherence in regards to practicing what you preach.

Spirituality has become fashionable.

Spirituality has become fashionable which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It has also become a profitable business model and this is even more so after C@vid. We could surmise that for this reason alone, this will bring all kinds of people into the community for all the wrong reasons. Even though spiritual movements can be manipulated or created under false pretexts even, that does not mean that there isn’t truth or light to be found within them. Within these movements there have always been individuals who are true seekers of the Divine. Individuals that look to resonate in coherence with themselves and then the rest of existence, creating new bridges within the collective mind framework and then sharing their experience in a more accessible manner. Our collective intelligence and awareness have grown exponentially within the span of our recent history because of this, and as a result, the works of countless mystic souls have become available and shed further light on different fields of study and interest relating to the human experience. The current trends in spirituality have taken the western mindset into a more mindful viewpoint based on greater body and energetic awareness, coupled with a more resourceful map detailing the intricate nature and mechanics of the human mind and its effects on the human body. Culturally, we have become more resourceful, and we have countless tools at our disposal to unravel all the craziness that has been programmed into us, especially in regards to our relation to trauma. Any discipline that empowers you to be your true self, to face your own demons, and to overcome your shortfalls by pointing in your inward direction and saying “the key is within” is going in the right direction. Any other system that takes people outward and lends their power to external forces is likely leading them astray.

What do we need, then, you may ask?

In sharing my experiences, insights, and opinions, I can only hope they will serve as a light on someone’s path to greater coherence with themselves. I don’t use these words lightly, as I have come to realise that if we were all in greater coherence with ourselves, we wouldn’t be in the current state of affairs that we are in. Any kind of psychotherapy alone doesn’t have all the answers. Neither does yoga, tantra, reiki, shamanism, or any other path or discipline, for that matter. They all have tools, techniques, and teachings that are paramount for the development of our species, but they alone are not enough. What do we need, then, you may ask? I would add that without faith in something greater than the three-dimensional human mindset that we have been given, we are lost in this matrix prison. It’s not about how spiritual we appear to the rest of the world. Nor is it about how well we can sit in Padmanasa (the lotus position) for hours on end. It isn’t about how many courses or teacher trainings we have accomplished. Nor is it about how much shamanic medicine we have taken. 


In my experience, I would say that faith in God is one of the most important factors in anyone’s spiritual path. Without godliness or divinity in our lives, how could we ever hope of transcending our current state as a species? Faith opens up the possibilities for the human psyche to go beyond its limitations, and through imagination, anything is possible. If we seek coherence within our own mind-body-soul complex and in our lives in general, we will become more in tune with our intuition and the divinity within us. True honesty is required, especially towards ourselves, and a willingness to look into our darkness. If we are to make any kind of awakening permanent, our darkness needs to be fully lit. Our spirit needs to be fully present in all aspects of our lives, from the mundane to the divine. It is possible to have a Kundalini awakening or even a heart based awakening and still have a lot of work to do or a lot to understand about ourselves as well as the human condition. The more we fully know ourselves, the closer we are to the divine and our true nature. Think about those words: “our true nature.” Ironic that we go through all this effort and unraveling only to discover who and what we already are. So until the next post, I’ll leave you to ponder on this question: What in your opinion is our true nature?


Hare Om Tat Sat

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