Humanity is sacred

Humanity is sacred

When did we loose our faith?

Recently, I have pondered the question, At what point in time did people lose faith in their humanity? When did we stop perceiving ourselves as being something other than beautiful and magical? When did we loose our faith? If you have been reading my writings, you will know by now that I firmly state that humanity is sacred. Our true nature, which is beyond time and concepts, is divine. If we were going to use a human word to describe our nature, that would be” love”. These are all statements I have made before. I have begun to realize that, as a matter of fact, many souls are coming “awake” into this world, if not all. That I have not said before. I have heard varying theories along the lines of not everyone having a human spirit or soul, but I myself can neither deny nor confirm the fact at this present time. I have come to know that our suffering is directly caused by our persistent evasion of the one thing that is bothering us all. We all know, somewhere deep inside ourselves, that this way of life that we have been handed is utterly sacrilegious and completely hypocritical. It is simply not in alignment with our true nature.

It is “do or die”.

We have been divided by geography, skin color, gender, sexual preference, political ideologies, religion, lifestyle preferences, and so forth. The examples are endless and evident at present time. There is no need to point them all out. As a species, we have adopted this multi-faceted polarisation as part of life itself. We all often hear the phrase, That’s life! What if everything was a lie? When I say everything, I mean everything. Even our history as a species. The majority of illness and suffering in life are directly attributable to the continual denial of who and what we are. To put it another way, if we were to rule out demons and other non-human entities, environmental toxins, the pharmaceutical mafia, the military-industrial complex, tainted foods, water, and cosmetics in the supply chain, that would probably be the only thing causing illness and suffering. We might be able to characterise disease as the denial of our true nature if we could exclude the aforementioned contributing variables from the picture. Perhaps the relentless assault of this sacrilegious energy is both problematic and a blessing at the same time. The more this energy is focused on us, the more we are being forced into alignment with ourselves or not. It is “do or die”.

Who am I? Who are we all?

Going back to the primary question at hand, perhaps those people who are human have never actually lost touch with who they really are. I would like to postulate, that we all come to this plane of existence connected to our spirit. In other words, we all come awake and enlightened. It is through repeated trauma, and the other factors discussed earlier that we are forced to submit and to live in a way that is unnatural. Now I understand why so many wise sages in the past have always pointed in an inward direction and asked those who would listen: Who are you? So I invite you to ask yourself, Who am I? Who are we all? Who are we, as the human species? If we consider ourselves and our kin to be one with the great universal spirit, then we must also be one with the rest of humanity too. Even with those who reflect the things that we dislike, we are one. They are simply under a hideous spell and are too traumatised or scared to face any of this. They have accepted slavery and dissonance as being parts of life itself. Like I said earlier, it is do or die in this respect. It is either that or become one of the “Borg Collective,” if you survive the transhumanist mutation, that is. You will have nothing, be nothing, and be happy because you are told it is so. Perhaps even then, you will think that you are no longer human and have free will. You will simply do, think, and feel what the great AI in the sky tells you to do.

I do not even believe that you can really sell your soul.

I once heard and can now confirm by observation that as we age and with the passing of time, as we accept more and more of this insane way of life as ours, we lose faith. We lose faith in ourselves, in humanity, and in the existence of a divine being. It is easy to be spiritual in your twenties as long as you are not already too damaged. It is more difficult in your thirties. By the time your forties arrive, many have lost their faith. Perhaps this is the famous midlife crisis that we often hear about. I am sure you can imagine that, as the different decades progress, more and more people lose their faith. We are taught and forced not to listen to our inner voice, if you will, and for a while, most resist. However, many submit to the passing of time. Nothing is lost that cannot be recovered. I do not even believe that you can really sell your soul. It is not yours to begin with. I do think that you can believe that you have sold it and therefore create that reality accordingly. Even this whole transhumanist agenda implies another layer of confusion which they are trying to install over the previous layers of lies. What we believe in and our self-perception are determining factors in the world we are constantly creating. I can assure you that the more people align themselves with their spirit and truth, the healthier and happier they will be, as will our mother planet. If enough of us believed in ourselves as individuals and as a species connected to the divine, then the world matrix’s hold on the human collective mind will begin to fall. It is up to you to incarnate your truth. It is up to you where we all go from here.

Hare Om Tat Sat.

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