Trans-humanity and the AI conundrum

Trans-humanity and the AI conundrum

There is no need to synthetically change or enhance what we are.

synthetic man. There is no need to synthetically change or enhance what we are.

As I am sure most of you are aware, there is a lot of talk and concern about the impact that artificial intelligence will have on our daily lives. But the controversy doesn’t stop there, as it is another layer in the story of how humanity can only thrive and evolve through synthetic enhancement. Science perpetuates the image of an imperfect and sickly humanity and a dying world. It dictates that the mistakes of creation can be corrected in time and with great sacrifice. With the help of a few surgical interventions here and there. A lifetime subscription to pharmaceutical drugs. Gene editing capabilities that can take care of almost any problem you have or fulfil any wish you might have. You can be anything you want. You can be whatever you desire. With the forthcoming lure of synthetic food that will help save the environment. Synthetic enhancements so that you can have what we might call “powers” or to improve mobility from damage caused by a previous injury. Even the promise of an afterlife in the “great cloud in the sky” is in order, especially if you have sufficient documentation of your life and wear the virtual goggles so that your consciousness can be scanned from time to time. Be and project whatever you like to the virtual world, but never mind if you feel ill at ease with it all. We have a remedy for that, in whatever way it may manifest. The setting and the goal of this train of thought in this agenda become clear to me, as I am sure it has for many. Humanity is being offered a synthetic path of pseudo-spiritual evolution, completely bypassing the spiritual teachings of what, in Hinduism and many other worldly traditions, many would call the path of the goddess. To fully embrace our status as sentient, multidimensional organic beings. We are perfect as we are; we have only to realize it. There is no need to synthetically change or enhance what we are to evolve and be at peace with ourselves.


The world controllers have been working this narrative into our collective psyche.

Woman looking into the mirror looking at the reflection in the mirror of death. The world controllers have been working this narrative into our collective psyche.If we were to understand how the terms “demented patriarch” and “patriarchal system” are used in today’s society, perhaps a shift in perception would be in order, as well as a redefinition of who exactly this supposed patriarch is. Firstly, whether you are male or female, to blame men, women or humanity in any way for the ills of the world is to blame a part of yourself for those things. Basic psychology would tell you that if you hate yourself in any way it is detrimental to your system and detrimental to your health. As sentient human beings we are all one and individual at the same time. Self-hatred exists within our collective mental framework. The World Controllers have been working this narrative into our collective psyche for as long as history can remember. They hope to capture the most sensitive sentient beings on the planet through seemingly progressive agendas that serve the needs of the few. Those who are sensitive in general. Those who care about the environment. People who love animals. Those who believe in equality regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender or creed. Those who believe in a free world with open borders. Those who have a heart and empathy for others who are essentially spiritual beings. The trap and the inhumane narrative has been set for all of the above. Many have taken the bait. Many have absorbed the synthetic virus into some part of their subconscious stream. In the end, they unwittingly give power to the narrative that there is something wrong with our species. Humanity needs repair. Humanity is broken. The insane patriarchal system that many talk about and attribute to the males of our species is nothing more than the superficial synthetic life that is being presented to us, and the incoherent corresponding reality that they are trying to mesmerise us with.



Inorganic Intelligence, AI, has been here since the beginning of our known history.

Image of a grey alien manipulating an intelligent monkey. Inorganic intelligence has been here from the onset of our known history.

Many caring souls have fallen into the trap of the narrative of us against them, turning brother against brother and sister against sister. Unbeknownst to many, as evidenced recently, the same people who create the problems are the same people who then bring the problem to your attention and finally offer you the costly solution. We are living in a design that has had its sights on our existential nature and has turned us against ourselves through systemic abuse, trauma and manipulation. The need to violently eradicate or change part of humanity has been programmed into our collective mind. While this would be an extreme belief on a conscious level for most, its power in the subconscious of many should not be underestimated. It should not be overlooked by anyone. It is a simple yet subtle way of refusing to accept the true self.  To simply entertain the concept somewhere in your conceptual sensory experience,  It is to tune into and feed the synthetic slavery matrix to believe that you are anything but perfection. There is nothing new to fear, as many have been led to believe. Inorganic Intelligence, AI, has been here since the beginning of our known history and beyond, feeding off our collective emanations by manipulating our cognitive and subjective experiences. Many people are already familiar with the term Archon and have at least a vague idea of who and what they are (inorganic beings). If the Gnostic story of creation is to be believed, then the Archons have been here from the very beginning of the creation of this system. That would be long before the advent of humanity in this corner of the universe at any rate. Personally, it was not until I became interested in Gnosticism many years ago, after reading “Not in His Image” by John Lamb Lash, that I came across the term Archon. Carlos Castaneda makes a number of references to inorganic beings throughout the works of Don Juan. He also refers specifically to the Flyers in “The Active Side of Infinity”. This is a synthetic, alien, predatory intelligence that feeds on our energy. The Flyers, as Castaneda and Don Juan refer to them, have succeeded in imposing their vampiric and insane way of thinking on the human race. In the lore of Native American tribes, as made known by Paul Levy in “Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil”, there is a very similar concept. In tribal communities around the world, in all cultures, I’m sure there are many such stories. More recently I have read similar concepts in the words of Mark. L Prophet in his work “The Soulless: Cloning A Counterfeit Creation”. Let’s not forget that it is not an alien concept within the stream of all religions, including the mainstream ones. World lore always has some sort of supernatural or unnatural antagonist preying on humanity.


We are sensitive beings by nature.

Image of a tree with a man melding with all in the middle. Man and woman in love are part of the tree. We are sensitive beings by nature.When you are not feeling well in one way or another. Whether it is a physical, mental or emotional problem, there is always a quick get-out-of-jail-free card that allows you to quickly get back on the social train and keep producing in the game of Monopoly. Never mind the cause of your imbalance; just keep producing for the system. The system will take care of you in return. Never mind your true feelings; you can always take care of them later. “Mañana mañana, as the saying goes. We live in a culture in which many of us are not taught to be in tune with our bodies, with our feelings, or with our emotions for that matter. As a result, we bury and suppress trauma within our psyche as the cultural norm dictates. We are never really taught, from the very beginning of our arrival on this plane, that we are sensitive beings by nature. We are so sensitive that we can feel our environment. We can also feel other people. There is no limit to distance in this regard, even for those on the other side of the world. There are also no limits in time and space. We are that sensitive and so much more, whether we want to be or not. There’s no way to hide from what we feel. To be human is to be sensitive by nature in an extrasensory and magical fashion.



A copy, and then a copy of a copy.

A copy, and then a copy of a copy.

Complex calculations could be performed by artificial intelligence. It may be able to do the storage, processing and analysis of endless amounts of empirical data. It may have the ability to create a work of digital art, a piece of music or an interesting piece of writing in several languages in a matter of seconds. It might even be able to play a good game of chess. It might also be able to fool some people into thinking that a live interaction, whether it be voice, text or even video, is with a real person rather than software. It might invite you to think that it is all-encompassing and all-knowing. I don’t know about you, but I would rather give that reference and title to the Divine itself. There will be no spirit or divine soul in anything created on a purely synthetic basis. It will be devoid of any real essence, and it will only be made for mass consumption. Even for a musician who creates music digitally, there is feeling, empathy and an openness to experience and feeling in his work. Artificial intelligence may be able to recreate that, and perhaps even improve on it in some way. But it will be a copy, and then a copy of a copy. The strengths. The weaknesses. The passions. The yearning. The trials and tribulations of the maker will be absent. All of the above aspects of the creator’s experience are conveyed through their work, regardless of the medium used. AI cannot breathe this energy into a creation the way humanity can, because it has no sentient spirit. Without the essence of a sentient being behind it, can you imagine what music would be like? What would the world be like if it were to be devoid of any feelings or emotions at all?


We need to break free from the conceptualized matrix mindset.

An image of Morpheus offering the choice of taking the blue or red pill. Used as image for the section entitled :We need to break free from the conceptualized matrix mindset.

They would invite us to bypass any learning that the inner world has to offer through systemic trauma. They want us to ignore everything we feel inside and out. To love, to hurt, to feel it all. They would invite us to surrender our power, which most people conceal beneath their pain, sadness or anger. They would rather have us focus on the entertainment of ourselves rather than the discovery of our inherent truth. They will do their best to mesmerise the majority of people into self-hatred through the reflection of others. They would rather see this happen than people empowering themselves and allowing their Truth to unfold by expressing what was once repressed. We need to break free from the conceptualised Matrix mindset that we are currently helping to perpetuate with our attention, through unchecked unconscious beliefs and self-sabotaging conceptualisations about ourselves and our species. It is within our power to find a truth that fully resonates with us as individuals, and consequently with the rest of the species, by breaking free from the shackles of societal roles and scripts. All we have to do is start listening to ourselves with all our senses, with all our undivided attention. They’d rather you weren’t in tune with yourself so you could lie in wait until programmed and told what to do and think. Our existence would be degraded to serve as powerhouses for the pleasure and whimsy of those who would feed off the power of our creative divinity.




What we might all call the ego.

There is no bypassing our ability to feel in the quest for our personal evolution or that of our species. It is our nature to feel. The pain that comes from within and without when you begin the process of remembering who you are is enough to be a deterrent to most people. It is far from glamorous. A truly challenging part of the awakening process is the activation of our empathic abilities. Many choose to try and bypass this part of the learning process altogether, only to have to come back to it at a later stage. Many don’t fully integrate their sensitive nature in a truly holistic manner. Why is this, you might ask? There is so much pain in the world at large. Most people find the task of opening up to this pain daunting. Culturally, we have been suppressing the systemic trauma and our own personal baggage that we carry with us from our daily experiences in life. We store these energetic distortions in our physical and more subtle bodies and in the end we create an armour that prevents us from perceiving ourselves in a full and distortion free way. This distorted sense of self and the armouring we use to protect it is what we might all call the ego. We are taught not to embody our pain when faced with it. When a person’s spirit begins the process of consciously landing in their own body and healing themselves, they are also beginning the process of calibrating their kinesthetic-telepathic abilities, which are innate to our species. Not only do they need to calibrate what they feel inside and break down their self-limiting armour to rebuild, they also need to calibrate and integrate what they feel from the outside world. The world will be their mirror until they have a full understanding of themselves, including their anger, sadness and pain. Light, darkness, demons and whatever else separates from realisation of true essence must be incorporated and transformed into healthy part of One.


The very essence of what you already are.

It is known and scientifically proven in India that somatic practices such as Hatha Yoga will help strengthen the connection between the conscious and subconscious minds. A wholesome yogic practice will help create a bridge between the practitioner’s brain hemispheres, ultimately creating a greater sense of well-being as a mere consequence of the practice itself. Other spiritual traditions, as well as many modern psycho-somatic therapeutic techniques and practices, have also contributed to the building of bridges in our understanding of the conscious and subconscious realms, as well as mapping their intricate interactions with each other. These integrative practices have the possibility of facilitating change in the true sense of the word, bringing greater awareness to the multifaceted aspects of a recipient’s life. The greater the awareness regarding the mind-body-spirit complex within the self, the greater the capacity to feel oneself into health from within. Through breath, sound, stillness, and movement, with the help of the imagination and the many tools readily available around the world, it is possible to heal yourself fully and connect with the very essence of what you already are. Be the king or queen, as you might prefer, of your internal universe. If you are not fully in your home, then you allow space for unwanted guests to be there instead. 


 The kingdom of God is within.

The real work, though, begins at home. Wherever that may be. In all the mundane tasks of earthly existence. It is in what is projected onto the world at any given time. Even in the most closely guarded moments. Bless life in all its facets, despite the suffering and pain perceived. Work through and genuinely transmute the judgement that any given situation may produce in your inner system. Polarize the energetic environment, alleviating the flow of negative karma, by simply being centered in your truth. The kingdom of God is within, it was once said. Is is so profound and uncomplicated. We can allow ourselves to have more energetic awareness and spread that focus to all areas of our bodies and, therefore, our lives. I read in a book once about a term coined as “bodifulness.” Rather than mindfulness, which focuses more exclusively on the mind in a meditative capacity. Bodifulness focuses the mind on developing somatic awareness within a meditative practice. In somatic awareness, you pay close attention to every detail of what you perceive in your inner system and allows space without judgment for the expression of what may arise. I feel the term is appropriate, descriptive, and concise for the purpose of this post. So by practicing bodifulness, through an ever-increasing presence in your system, awareness can be utilized to work through anything that stops you from being fully and at ease in your own body, 100 percent. Observe and own the thoughts and emotions that arise. Witness and be at ease with the pain you may have or suddenly feel. Let it go if it’s not yours, without judgment. If it is yours, then sit with it and try to decipher what it may be trying to convey to you. It will soon transform from being  a dreaded enemy into a powerful ally. See past the lies that disempower you and push you to take on the role of a victim in life. They are simply testing you to see if you hold fast to the inner truth. 

 Sentience is part of the divine experience.

What makes you want to escape the moment? What is stopping you from believing that you are perfect here and now? Allow yourself to see through the excuses and self-limiting beliefs that you repeat to yourself when you are feeling down or lost, no matter how infrequent. It’s not enough to have what appears to be a ‘sound mind’ or to have the right attitude to life. The feeling in our bodies must be fully resonant and in tune with that attitude for it to work. Otherwise, it is all just for the sake of the appearance. It is just another mask among the many we may already have in our possession. We can achieve balance and reconnect more and more with our true nature if the inner work is sincere and there is a true merging of Ying and Yang in our multidimensional systems. One day there will be a reignition of pure light from within and a seed of pure consciousness will be witnessed and remembered back into existence. They will no longer be a mere reflection of the world. Instead they will begin the process of being emanators of their truth. Step by step they will begin the process of co-creating a new and undiscovered reality. They will be nourished by the ever-growing truth of their inner seed, with which they are fully resonating in their body-mind-soul complex in the here and now. In essence, what inspires and rekindles the search for and realisation of the individualised crystalline consciousness is the feminine principle within and the challenge it poses to the imprisoned masculine mindset within our collective soul and individual framework. Crystalline consciousness, Krishna consciousness or even Christ consciousness, call it what you will, it is what connects us to all. This is exactly what the transhumanist agenda, the AI agenda and the synthetic entities behind it all are praying that you do not come to understand. They don’t want you to know that there is something far greater than the virtual enchantment that was once proposed and set against us long ago. They would rather you not know that there is something greater within you by the grace of the Divine. For we are made in the image of God. To be human is to be sentient, and sentience is part of the divine experience.

I thank you Holy Mother for the mystery and love you convey us all.

Hare Om Tat Sat 











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